MobileMMS Low Data Mode

How to use Low Data Mode to delay uploading photos in MobileMMS

If you are using MobileMMS with a connected device like a tablet or laptop but your connection speeds are slow, you can use our Low Data Mode option to delay uploading of the pictures or attachments you may be taking while creating or editing records. Please note, this only caches the photos or attachments that are attached to records.  Records created or edited in Low Data Mode will still be reflected live to other users of MobileMMS.

1. To use this feature, you can Enable Low Data Mode by clicking the button left of the user profile button as shown below.

MobileMMS Low Data Mode
2. Then you can add or edit data as needed.  Any photos or files that you have attached to records will be saved to your devices' local storage and will not be available to other users of MobileMMS until you upload them. A notification bubble will display the number of files or photos that are stored on your device until they are uploaded.

3. Once you are done with your editing, and you have adequate speeds to upload the photos or files you were working with,  you can then click the Low Data Mode button again and choose to disable Low Data Mode.  At this point, you are now able to upload the data by selecting the upload files button as shown below.
MobileMMS Low Data Mode - Upload

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